Massage and Body Sugaring

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Not only provides relaxation and relief to muscle strain and fatigue, a Therapeutic Massage also improves your health. There are many benefits, including physical, emotional and physiological improvements in the body.
We all lead busy lives nowadays and stress is very common, you may feel your shoulders knotted or your temples throbbing, fatigue, muscle strain, these are all indicators you should listen that your body is telling you to "slow down and take it easy".
How you respond to these symptoms, determines how you will feel. If you knew that your stress, pain or tension and fatigue could be eliminated by getting a therapeutic massage, would you get one?
There are many reasons a person may need a massage. The above examples cover 80% - 90% of the cases a massage therapist sees.


The earliest reference to hair removal came from the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece. After extensive research, it was determined that the current methods were working only to a limited extent.
It was found that this ancient art of hair removal could provide permanent, satisfactory results with benefits that would far exceed the more commonly use method.
This technique of Body Sugaring is the real one not what you commonly find in the majority of the beauty parlours, usually called "Sugar Waxing" being this one exactly the same technique as waxing but using a sugar based paste.
To ensure a thorough knowledge of the correct techniques employed in the practice of Sugaring, I deliver quality, user-friendly products and continuous services to my clients.

The art of massage has delivered health and wellbeing benefits for thousands of years.
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